Quality is our top priority; we have permanent access to more than 1500 carefully selected, seasoned interim managers coming from all of the hospitality sectors. Exchanging experiences, ideas and opinions continuously will make your work environment a success. Our PRESIDENTIAL Interim team works to ensure quality assurance for every client’s project.

Together with our highly qualified interim managers, at PRESIDENTIAL GROUP we develop tailor-made solutions for the business challenges of our clients and then implement them consistently.

Should the client need it, PRESIDENTIAL GROUP can manage the pre-opening or the takeover phase, organizing everything from supplier negotiations, sales and distribution initiatives, staff takeover and organizational setup, etc.

PRESIDENTIAL GROUP will either identify a new management team, establish a close collaboration with the existing team, or assume the management role ourselves, depending on the individual situation and client’s needs.

We know that the success of a hotel can depend on the people delivering the service, and that every hotel team needs to be led from the top. PRESIDENTIAL GROUP also arranges for maternity cover for key senior positions within hospitality businesses.

Based on business and strategy plans, we continuously develop the hotel operation. We are here to help our clients re-imagine their operations, to uncover growth opportunities and realise cost savings. Operations are closely monitored and continuously improved, while the client receives a weekly status on the hotel’s performance.

If there is an interruption in continuity of the management team, PRESIDENTIAL GROUP can step in at short notice to ensure the continued operation and an uninterrupted service delivery to your customers.

Whilst handling the Interim Management of a property, PRESIDENTIAL GROUP can also support in the search and selection of permanent management, which can help ensure that the person recruited to this key position has the right profile for your business.

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Fast selection of Interim Managers within 48 hours
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High-quality individuals who are adaptable
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Senior leaders needed to drive fundamental change
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Deployment of skilled, experienced managers